2nd Grade Happenings

May 16th - May 20th

In The Know

Field Day is Thursday, May 26th!!

Field day has been moved to Thursday May 26th! Be sure to sign up for a volunteer position.

You won't want to miss out on all the fun!

Student Holidays

Friday May 27th & Monday May 30th

2016 PLANO WILDCAT SOCCER CLINICS 2016 Develop the Winner in You!

Boys and Girls entering 1st – 9th grades in the Fall 2016. Teams and incoming freshmen are encouraged to attend, but players must register individually. Groupings will be according to age.

***See attached flyer for more information.*****


Reading : Our Reading Goals For The Week

This week is a review week. We will be reviewing the following skills in reading:

  1. Cause & Effect
  2. Problem & Solution
  3. Repetition & Word Choice

Spelling: Our Spelling Pattern for the week

This week we are focusing on words with the patterns -thr, -shr and -squ.

As always, spelling does not stop after the spelling test. Please help your child find other words that have the same pattern.

**Spelling words, games and practice test may be found on spellingcity.com. Look for Word Study 32 *****


Math: Our Math Goals For The Week

This week we will be finish up our Financial Literacy unit and start reviewing to prepare for 3rd Grade.

**Learning how to read an analog clock is a dying skill with all the digital clocks out in the world. Please help us reinforce how to read an analog clock at home or whenever you are out and about.**

Science: Our Science Goal For The Week

We are writing to tell you about our next Science unit called Animal Characteristics (Designing Model Membranes. Over the next few weeks, students will be learning how we can prove that animals have physical characteristics and behaviors that help them survive.

Throughout this unit, students will show their learning by:

  • What is necessary for life?
  • What effect do people have on the environment?
  • How can living things be so different, yet so alike?

We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. You can support your child’s learning by talking with your child about this unit and encouraging her/him to ask questions and think hard.

We are looking forward to seeing our second graders bloom during this unit!

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