History of Nintendo Handhelds

This is How Nintendo Handhelds Changed.

Nintendo Hand Helds Timeline

This is about how Game Boys from early 2000s changed to Nintendo DSs in the late 2000s early 2010s. It is a timeline about just that.

The Game Boy Line

This is just the Game Boy line not the Nintendo DS line. In this video you can really see the changes in the designs for Game Boys that also led up to the Nintendo DS line designs.
Gameboy Timeline

Nintendo DSi XL

Later the Nintendo DSi XL came out in 2009. It was just a larger version of the Nintendo DSi. It also had longer battery life.

Then the Nintendo 3DS Was Released...

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The Nintendo 3DS

Then in 2010 the Nintendo 3DS came out. All Nintendo fans had to get their hands on this new item. It introduced the ability to play 3D games on a hand held device while not having to wear any other accessories. Later a Nintendo 3DS XL that was, like the Nintendo DSi XL, a larger version of the Nintendo 3DS. It was released in 2012.

Nintendo 2DS

Then the Nintendo 2DS came out...

The Nintendo 2DS came out in late 2013. And unlike all of the other DSs it doesn't have the "clamshell" design. Even though it doesn't have the "clamshell" design it does have the dual screen like the other DSs. So it acts very much like a tablet. It can play 3DS games, but it obviously doesn't have the 3D that the 3DS has.

By: John Morris

Student of Highland Middle School.