Al Capone

Rodolfo Ramirez

Al Capone 1920's

>One of the best America’s know gangster in the 1920’s

>He got his nickname “Scarface” when insulting a patron and was attacked by her brother

>He made of an income of $100,000,000 a year

>His most notorious killing was St.Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929. When he hired two of his guys to dress up into a police men to kill Seven of Bug’s people where they were drinking beer in a garage. Bug’s guys thought it was a police raid when the two guys went in. So they told Bug’s guys to get to the wall and drop their gun. While they were on the wall they just shot the seven guy’s.

Bugs Moran

>He was a mobster in the 20th century in the part of the North Side Ridge

>The popular thing he did was the drive by shooting

>Started off as a criminal and arrested 3 times before turning 18

>Died at age 65 from lung cancer

Bullet Proof Cadillac

>Al Capone had the first armored cars ever made, which was a 1928 Cadillac Model 341

>Include a bulletproof window that was a inch thick and a steel door panels.

>They sold this car in 2012 in auction for $341,000 but they only had the documents of this car until 1933

>It had 3,000 pounds of armor

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