Quebec gets the name from the Algonpuin word Quebec meaning the place where the river narrows. Canada`s first ice hockey team formed in Montreal in 1877. Two Mont reporter and a photographer invented. The game trivial pursuit in the 1980.Montreal is the second-largest French speaking city in the word alter Paris France


Their are many animals in Quebec like Beaver , black bear , blue jay , Canada goose , cod , deer , and on. you can fined them where some thing like maple , ash , mountain there is some cool thing like dusky salamander that is that you or some people would like

water ways

Quebec city has the s.t. Lawrence river . Quebec city is poet Quebec city`s port is open all yeas. ships from around the word also sail on the s.t Lawrence river to go Quebec city.

what to see

At Quebec city Quebec city has the Quebec winter carnival every the winter carnival lasts for 10 days