Number 13

This Aluminum Will Foil Your Plans;)


Hej! Mit navn er- wh00ps, I'm used to speaking Danish; my native language. Let's try this again. Hello, my name is Alvin Aluminum, for short, call me Al. I was found in Denmark in 1825, a beautiful metal, yes I was a gift to the world. I was made by this odd man with the queerest name; Hans Christian Orsted. He mixed potassium amalgam and aluminum chloride together which produced aluminum amalgam. And then he heated that, and made me!:)

I'm handy!

I was used for medicine back then, and now I'm used for thousands of things, from glass-making to transportation! I'm very useful you see. I'm also used in door knobs, window frames, ladders, pipes, bottle caps, and SO MUCH MORE. But foil, is what I am known for. Everyone loves using me to wrap up their food, I keep bacteria out, and keeps food clean and safe from harmful elements in the environment.

Me too!

You have a mom, a dad, maybe a brother or a sister, well guess what? I have a family too. And best of all, it's named after me! Behold, the Aluminum Family! And I have 4 close friends; Boron, Gallium, Indium, and Thallium! In my family, we all are characterized by having 3 electrons in our outer energy levels. Cool huh?


So, there's these numbers that tells everyone who I am and what I'm like. My atomic number is 13, and my atomic mass is 26.98. I have 13 protons, 3 neutrons and 3 electrons. It's a bit complicated at first, but once you adapt, it gets easier to tell us apart.

I'm not the only one

I am the most abundant resource in the Earth's crust!

Physical; I'm strong

My density is precisely 26.982:). I melt at 600 degrees Celsius, and I boil at 2519 Celsius. I'm also very attractive;)I have a metallic type of luster, often described at a "bright grey." And like a lot of other metals, I have a poly-crystalline structure. I'm highly reactive; I'm protected by a surface layer of transparent oxide, that provides excellent corrosive resistance. I don't react with air because of my protection layer, however if that is removed, I will burn with a white flame. Same to water; if my protection layer is gone, I will be exposed in the water as well, and burst into flame.


I can be compounded with my other friends, until something breaks us apart. I hang out most with 3 friends, and we form (a) potassium aluminum sulfate (KAI(SO4), (b) Aluminum triflouride AlF3, and (c) Aluminum oxide Al2O3.
I have 3 valence electrons; which are electrons in me that allow me to bond chemically with my friends. If any other of my friends have the same number of valence electrons as me, then I am allowed to bond with them. It governs our bonding behavior! I wish I knew friends with different numbers...what would happen then I wonder?


Here are things you never knew about me; The Washington Monument is capped with an 8.9 inch pyramid of pure me! ONE Boeing-747 contains 147,000 pounds of me. And also, due to recycling, 75% of me is still in use! Which proves just how much people love meXD

My Next Best Friend

I would most likely be friends with Flora Fluorine. She's very friendly(highly reactive), and because I have three extra electrons, she can take them and then we could start building our special friendship.



password; 07102001