An Apache Native American

Manifest Destiny

I spent most of my life battling Mexicans, but "After the end of the Mexican-American War, Geronimo faced a new enemy: the Americans.". Now, not only was I fighting for my freedom from the Mexicans, but the Americans too. The concept of Manifest Destiny gave me more enemies, and a bigger challenge.

Settled in the West

I was born on June 16, 1829 in Gila River, Arizona. I was already living in the west when the Americans came. The Apache tribe was a peaceful one befor the Mexicans and Americans came.I had been settled in Arizona before my father, and his father before him.

Challenges During Westward Expansion

While the Americans happily moved west, they were also forcing out many Native Americans like me and my tribe. Many of the Natives surrendered, terrified for their life, but some of us also rebeled.


"Once I moved about like the wind. Now I surrender to you and that is all." - Geronimo

What did I hope to Achieve

My whole life I fought to be free of the first the Mexicans, then the Americans. I fought the hardest to avenge the death of my wife, mother, and three young children.

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