Campfire Chronicle

September 8th-September 11th

At School Last Week.....

We started a close read of The Legend of Keesh adapted by B.P. Skinner from the Jack London story, "The Story of Keesh." We are reading it closely to understand key events by

tracking changes in Keesh's thoughts, feelings and relationships throughout the story.

We used text-based details to make inferences about Keesh's primary character traits.

We made awesome teaching videos, "Subtracting across Zeros."

Mystery Bag CHALLENGE!

Invent a device that launches a pom pom into the air. The further it travels the better!

New for This Week......

The Chromebooks are coming! Wednesday!

The day we have been waiting for. I am so excited to use technology as a tool to transform our students' education! The students will not be bringing them home, yet. More details will be forth coming soon!

We will be finishing up our close read of The Legend of Keesh with a writing task. We will analyze the meaning of the author's message by gathering evidence to support a discussion of the story's theme of leadership.

To help at home read this story with them and discuss the stories theme. The students have a copy of the story in their binder or click the link for the read aloud online.

The Legend of Keesh

No spelling test this week. We will be studying a new word list for a spelling test next Thursday (9-17) We do have a math test over chapter 2, Adding and Subtracting big numbers on Friday. (9-11)

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