Cultural Differences At Gateway

At Gateway we embrace cultural differences as part of the Gateway experience. We have a diverse population to say the least! With over 25% of our students enrolled in our ESOL program, a walk of our halls is a walk around the world. With our highly trained staff, and modern facilities, your child will feel at ease. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable, learning atmosphere. We invite our families to tour our school and see for themselves. We have a large number of interpreters for over sixteen languages on staff to ensure effective communication.

We also have a highly trained, dedicated staff that are trained in ESOL and Special Education that allows us to meet the needs of our students in every way. Gateway uses a parent portal that enables families to become involved in their students education, find resources, and get the support of our staff.

Special Education at Gateway

For students who qualify for additional support, we have different special education programs that we will match up to your child's needs. We have co-taught classes, where students are in classes that have a teacher for English, social studies, science or math and an additional teacher trained in special education, as well. We also have individualized classes that all smaller (5-10 students) taught by a special education teacher who design lessons at your child's grade level. We also have an Autism for students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. The students in the Autism program take classes with our special education teachers and teacher assistants. They learn academics, social skills and life skills in this program.

Gateway STEM High Schoool

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