The 6 stages of government

By Nick

Stage One

Stage one is primitive communism and it is a government that they share land and food. Some thing else about primitive communism is that the men are the hunters they hunt for food and the woman are the gathers they gather barres and nuts and they share all of that. One thing why primitive communism dose not work people get to the point that they won't privet property and there own food and land.

Stage Two

Stage two is slave society and slave society is they are divided up into classes the classes are slave or slave owner and they do this because they don't wont to do the work so they get people to do it for them. Something wrong with this is the slaves children are not slaves so if the slaves run out they have to get new slaves because they got to old and so they have to keep concur land so it is hard to control.

Stage 3

In Feudalism there is a king,dukes,lords,knits and peasants and the only way to move up to king is to kill the king and the king can get all of his knits to come up and fight them.A reason why this don't work is the amount of goods don't work

Stage 4

Capitalism is a government that when the employer (CEO) gets 50% more than all of the way this dosnt work is the wokers are only paid for portions of work

Sage 5

Socialism is a government that the workers are under paid. The reason this time is there is a conflict in working class.

Stage 6

Communism is a government where every thing is provided there is no leader and the problem with that is there will be a little bit more crashes because of speed and a little bit more shots that kill people.