Burton's Bulletin

September 19, 2014

Fun Run

Donation collection for the RBE Fun Run is in full swing, and money is collected every Monday! If your child is raising money for our school, please send your collection envelopes to school every Monday. This is the biggest fundraiser for RBE for the entire year, and 100% of the money collected goes back to our school and ultimately our kids. Every child will participate in the Fun Run on October 3rd. Parents are encouraged to come cheer on their child and his or her classmates that day. Our class runs from 12:25-1:15.

Loving Learning


I can show what I know about subtraction on the test.

I can understand the hour and minute hands.

I can tell and write time to the hour.

I can tell and write time to the half hour.


I can stretch out my small moment.

I can make people move and talk in my writing.

I can make people feel and think in my writing.

I can edit my small moment.


Sight Words: her, two, this, eat, four, five (students should be able to read independently)

Spelling Words: sits, wins, win, hit, hits, nap, naps, eat, her, too

Comprehension: I can identify main idea and details.

Phonemic Awareness: I can read words with ending -s and -ing. I can count syllables. I can blend and read words.


I can follow the steps of the scientific process.


Snack donations would be greatly appreciated. We eat snacks whenever donations are available. Although I don't assign snack day to students, a general rule of thumb is to send in a snack about once a month. Thanks to all who have donated.

Box Tops for Education

Don't forget to save your box tops and send them to school! It is such an easy way to raise money for our school. Box top collection helps pay for everyone in the school to get a yearbook free of charge!
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Important Dates

September 26th - No School

October 3rd - Fun Run!

October 15th & 16th - Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 11th - homecoming 5k Run @ 8:00 am

Center Foundation Homecoming 5k Run

Saturday, Oct. 11th, 8am

Holmes Rd

Kansas City, MO

I will participating in the 2nd annual Center 5k! The 5k is free to all students, and all proceeds from parent/other entries go to the Center Foundation! This means the money goes directly back to students and teachers via in-district grants! More information coming soon!! I believe it starts at 8:00am. Hope to see you there!