Iranian Hostage Crisis


On November 4.1979 a group of angry Iranian revolutionaries attacked the U.S. Embassy that was located in Tehran taking 52 people hostage. The 52 victims were held hostage for 444 days.. That's over one year! President Carter tried to make deals with the leader of the Iranians to let the hostages free and let them come back but he miserably failed. He spent too much time trying to get the hostages back and every time he tried he failed at it that he was known as one of the worst presidents of America .

Many people think that the thing that caused the hostage was the Camp David accords because of the Sinai Peninsula. They basically didn't want us to get in their business. The Iranians hated the U.S. they would burn flags from our country . In February 1980 Iran issued a new set of demands to let the hostages free. It called for Shah to be handed over to face trial in Tehran. After President Carter Presidential term was over and Ronald Reagan became president the hostages were released.

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Important Terms

444 days- Were the days that 52 Americans were held hostage in Iran. Withouth any contact to their family's, the Iran people would feed them but not the things they liked.

Iran Hostage Crisis- Iran people held hostage 52 Americans, it was during Carters presidency, he tried to release the hostages but failed. Iran people burned american flags to tell America to stay out of their business.

President Carter- He was the 39th president, people remember him as the worse president because he wasn't successful in trying to release the american hostages.

Iran Hostage Crisis 1979-1981
What caused the 1979 US Embassy Hostage Crisis in Iran?