Parliamentary Democracy

By Brian, Dalton, and Hunter.

Parliamentary Democracy: A Big Budget Puppet Show.

The voters vote for people to go into the parliament. Then the parliament votes for a Prime Minister. It is a current form of government still used today such as; Canada, and Sweden.

Positives & Negatives of a Parliamentary Democracy

Positives of Parliamentary Democracy

  • No gridlock
  • A bad prime minister can be voted out at any time.
  • Citizens get to vote for people to represent them in the Parliament,
  • The prime minister chooses people from parliament to head key government ministries.

Negatives of Parliamentary Democracy

  • Voting prime ministers out can cause instability in the government.
  • The Prime minister cares about pleasing parliament more than citizens.
  • Lack of separation between executive and legislative branches means there is no real check on the Prime Ministers legitimacy.
  • The citizens may not support the prime minister.


Parliamentary Democracy leaders are called;

  • Prime ministers, and parliament.

Some historic prime ministers include;

  • "Iron Lady"Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to hold the position
  • Winston Churchill, who stood against Adolph Hitler's threat to control Europe during World War II
  • Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister;