Delegates Biography

TaMeriah Cameron

Basic Information

  • Delegate's Name: Roger Sherman
  • Delegate's State: Connecticut
  • Delegate's Profession(s): Judge, Politician, Lawyer, Merchant, and Mayor
  • Delegate's Affiliation: Federalist
  • Birth State: Massachusetts
  • Date of Birth: April 19, 1721
  • Date of Death: July 23, 1793
  • Delegate's Age When At Convention: 66
  • Did Roger Sherman sign the Constitution? Yes

Professional Information

Professional Achievements:

  • While in Congress, Sherman drafted a series of amendments which attempted to solidify the powers of the central government.
  • He was appointed Justice of Peace and Justice of Superior Court of Connecticut.

What did your delegate do to help America gain independence?

  • He served in numerous communities and helped to draft documents in order to pass laws.

Was your delegates profession(s) useful for creating a constitution?

  • Yes, he helped to pass and regulate the laws.

Constitutional Contribution

What ideas did your delegate come up/agree with?

  • He came up with the ideas of interpreting policies and the Articles of Confederation.

Why was your delegate chosen as a representative?

  • He was chosen because he was a member of Congress and a Representative.

State Information

Why would your delegate's state want independence?

  • They wanted to remove themselves from the war and declare independence.

What was your delegate's state main export(s)?

  • Fish, Rum, Flour, & Dried Meat

How would the Constitution benefit your delegate and/or state?

  • To break the deadlock between the large and small states over representation.

How could your delegate make the Constitution benefit their state?

  • To provide a series of laws in order to create a valid constitution.


Unusual Fact About The Delegate:

  • Apprenticed As A Cobbler

Unusual Fact About Delegates State:

  • Connecticut Never Ratified the 18th Amendment (Prohibition)