the wider opportunity to get wider internet servie

what it WiMax?

WiMax stands for worldwide interoperability for microwave access.WiMax is the best service near hear that can reach up to 10 miles. WiMax is the fastest internet going, you can use it anywhere. in a car when you look for restaurants or library's. you can also download games/music on your phone for free.

Over the past ten years mobile communications have transitioned from a luxury item to a utility as critical as electricity and water. With this rapid expansion of subscribers and services, the operators of the wireless networks are making money today and adding subscribers at rapid rates. India for example has growth between 20% and 30% year over year growth in mobile subscribers.

However, this very success carries the seeds of potential crisis as these subscribers begin expecting, demanding and consuming ever-increasing amounts of data over these same networks. 3G networks-from the RAN architecture to the synchronous transport-were designed primarily to support increased voice capacity with a modicum of data support. They were never intended to support the multiple terabytes being transported today. HSPA and HSPA+, while definitely providing enhancements, are still bound by the 3G architecture and can be considered mere band-aids as opposed to long term solutions.

As operators eye the incredible growth and hence strain on their networks, they must ponder the question: When and how do I make the move to 4G? It's no longer a question of 'if', but more a question of "when" and "how".