Molly Pitcher most valuable women

Molly today, Molly tomorrow, Molly forever, vote for Molly!!

By: Olivia Petersen, Carter Griffin, and Doug Chapman

how to describe the perfect woman to vote for

How to describe Molly...

Courageous: Even when her husband was wounded, she took over the cannon and kept firing untill the war was won!

Brave: When the men were dying from 100 degree weather, Molly traveled to the lakes and brought back pitchers of water for the men!

Exciting and Lucky: During the war Molly was almost hit with a cannon ball, luckily it passed right through her legs with no harm!!

The perfect woman to vote for!!

Fun Fact: Molly Hays McCauley got the nickname of Molly Pitcher because she brought pitchers of water to overheated/sick men during the war when it was one-hundred degrees!


Fun Fact: Molly the Most valuable women was born in 1754 near Trenton, New Jersey and died in 1832 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania!

Molly will always be remembered for her dedication and determination towards the war!