Social Phobia

By Savannah Lopez

What is it?

Social Phobia is a type of anxiety people get in social situations. They get extreme feelings of self-consciousness and shyness built into a powerful fear.With Social Phobia people can be uncomfortable participating in everyday social situations or have the fear of messing up in front of friends or teachers.

Signs or Symptoms:

-Extreme shyness


-Fear of embarrassment

-Fast heartbeat

-Body and mind act as if it is in danger.

How does it effect someone?

When someone has Social Phobia, the person starts to focus on the embarrassing things that could happen. They make the situation seem worse than it is. When they make the situation seem worse, it causes the person to avoid it. The person does not get much out of school, misses the chance to show talents to new friends, and also feels lonely or disappointed over a missed social opportunity.

Other names or forms?

-Social disorder

-Social anxiety

-Selective Mutism

How is it diagnosed?

Social Phobia can be diagnosed by a person's biological makeup, behaviors learned from a role model, and life events and experiences.

How is it treated?

Social Phobia can be treated by Therapists who create a plan for the patient to overcome fears one by one. Also can be treated by friends or family who help the person gather courage to try something new.

Interesting fact

Social Phobia affects guys more than girls.