Christians believe in prayer and the trinity which is the son (Jesus), the father (god of Abraham), and the Holy Spirit. The declaration of faith is salvation which means being saved and spending eternity with God. The holy book is the Bible which has two testaments, the old and the new. The Bible is God's truth written just for us. Christian’s practices and rituals are baptism which is the introduction to Christianity and Holy Communion which is the sharing of the bread and wine to remember the last supper. Their place of worship is a church and the worship leaders are a Pastor, Priest, Minister, or a Father Reverend. The three sects are Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. The holy day is Sunday which in a day to worship God at church and rest. Christmas is the day Jesus was born in Bethlehem and Easter is the day Jesus rose from the grave in Jerusalem.

Cool Facts

Jesus was a jew.

Christianity is the world's largest religion.


Important Places


The place Jesus was born.


The place jesus died.