All about me

Cora Torrent Esteve


My name is Cora, I am 15 years old, I was born on 18th January in Clínica Girona.

I live in Bescanó, which is a small town next to Girona city. I live with my parents and my dog, I haven't got any brohters or sisters.

Physical description

I'm a tall person, not very fat and not very thin, I have the normal weight. I have long, curly black hair although I have straight hair right now. I have brown dark eyes. I don't have a very big lips but they are not very thin. In summer I have tanned skin and in winter I am white!


I'm very talkative but with some people I'm not as talkative as with my friends. For example, with old people I don't talk a lot. I am sociable. I love laughing. I'm very nervous depending on the thing that I have to do, for example, I'm not very pacient when I have to do an Art project.


My hobbies are listening to music, I love it. My favourite bands are One Direction and The Vamps. I like learning new languages, I speak Catalan, Spanish, English and a little bit of German, I've been studying English since I was five years old and I started learning German last September. I like going out with my friends and I like travelling. In my future I would like to be a Touristic Guide.

Free Time

In my free time I listen to music, I go out with my friends around Bescanó, I read, I make albums of photos , I sometimes go running.

In summer I love going to the beach, to the river and to the swimming pool with my friends.