Eighth Grade Bites

Katelyn Livengood

Eighth Grade Bites

The theme of Eighth Grade Bites is that don't judge a person before meeting them because Vlad thought Mr. Otis was evil but he wasn't.


Tragedy hits the family of ten-year-old Vladimir Tod when both his parents are killed in a fire. Tod, now an orphan, is destined to live with his mother’s best friend Nelly. What is unusual about the situation is Tod’s mother was a human, but his father was a vampire. “Aunt Nelly” is O.K. with this and helps out when whenever she can. Vlad continually needs fresh blood. In order to serve this need, Aunt Nelly who is a nurse steals blood that will be thrown away at the hospital. Vlad’s best friend Henry also knows about his condition. Henry supports Vlad as he goes through this trying time.

Vlad, now thirteen, has still another tragedy happen to him. The one teacher he relates to has disappeared and another mysterious teacher has taken his place. Mr. Otis Otis seems to know things about Vlad and he is becoming suspicious. There is some connection between Mr. Otis and Vlad’s father, but Vlad is not sure what it is. With the discovery of Vlad’s father’s journal in the attic, Vlad is hopeful that the mysteries will be unraveled.


Bathory Middle School is were Vladimir Tod goes to school in "Eight Grade Bites". He lives in a small neighborhood and, he thinks he's the only vampire within miles of bathory but he thought wrong..
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Conflict & Resolution

The main conflict is the vampire council wants to kill Vladimir. They want to kill him because of what his dad did. His dad was not aloud to marry a human and have a child but he did so vlads parents died. So D'ablo goes after Vlad now. But Vlad founds out his substitute teacher is his uncle and his uncle Otis helps him fight the council. The resolution is vlad kills D'ablo but he couldn't have done it with out Otis. Now the council wants revenge.

Heather Brewer

Heather Brewer was not your typical teen growing up. She wore black, danced under full moons and devoured every book in sight.

She hasn’t changed much.

Today, Heather can be found wandering cemeteries, lounging on her coffin couch, devouring every book in sight, and attending renaissance faire in costume (and in character).

When Heather's not writing, dressing up, or reading, she's hanging out with her Minions, whom she adores right down to their lil black hearts.

Heather is the author of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, The Slayer Chronicles, and The Legacy of Tril series. She's penned several short stories, consumes entirely too much caffeine, and will not stop until she has achieved world domination in the name of her Minion Horde.

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