day at the beach

By: Max


I had $1,000 to spend and I bought a $300 soccer ball with what looked like glowing green and gold 3D triangles. What a beautiful teslation.


I was teaching my first grade buddy how to count when all the sudden he asks me what fibonacci means. I tell him that it is a pattern that adds the two previous numbers together two get the next number. he accepts that explanation and goes back to counting. The fifth fibonacci is 5.


Googleplex is simply the number 1 with 1,000 0's after it. If I had googleplex pennies, I would be rich. Ask the next person meet what it means, then say you have googleplex amount of pennies. googleplex times 5 is 5 googleplex's.


Everybody likes pie. Unfortunately we cant eat this kind of pie. But the closest number you can get to pie (the number/mathmatical one) is 3.14. 3.14 times 2 = 6.28
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A rhombicosidodecahedron is a 240 sided 3D shape that every side is a triangle.240 times 2 = 480.
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My favorite number is 99.

I like 99 cause its my soccer jersey number. 99 + 9 = 108. I am 9 years old.