Life in Space

Aaron S.

Exercise in Space

In the International Space Station there is no gravity that means that no strain on your body. So you have to have special equipment to work out with. They have a bar that has cables attached on the ends that puts tension on it. There is also football shoulder pads that make it like your back on earth.They also have to work when up in space
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Working in Space

This paragraph is about what the people around the International Space Station. In the ISS they have to clean their air vents every day otherwise the air will become poisonous. For anything that is disposable they have to compact it. They have the cargo ship burn it up on the way down. Wet garbage they put it in a bag and send it back down to earth.
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Eating in Space

When you eat in the ISS you don't have to cook or anything. All the meals are made for you. They have normal food like us there is no difference. There is different food for Americans and for Russians. Then when their done they pack it up and put it in a bag and send it home.
Space Potty


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