Come to Australia!!!

A Free Country

Australia is a free Common Wealth country, you won't get shot if you express your thoughts about something. Our Prime Minister is Tony Abbot, who looks after all of Australia very well. Also we have a Governor General named Quentin Bryce, who represents the Queen as we are a Common Wealth Country.

The 3 levels of government

In Australia we have 3 levels of government, know as Local, State and Federal. Local covers our local area, State covers NSW, QLD, SA, NT and WA. Federal government is based in Canberra that looks after the whole country.

Some great places to visit:

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a one of a kind reef that is longer than The Great Wall of China! No one has ever seen such an amazing reef, that makes it unlike others. You can take a boat out there and snorkel with all the amazing fish and coral, why go anywhere else?

Wave Rock

Wave Rock is an amazing rock in the Northern Territory, no one knows for sure why it is like that but we still enjoy it. You can walk straight along the wall till it stops, it is a great rock to see. So why not go now?


Uluru is another rock that is not man made, it is very enjoyable for the whole family to visit and you can do other activities like Aboriginal dot painting. there are sometimes water that runs domn it and makes little pools of water at the bottom,so come and visit Uluru today!

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a sand island, you can take joy rides around the 75 mile beach, Four wheel drive next to sand cliffs or walk through the rain forests. You are guaranteed to have some fun. You can even spend the night under the stars or in luxury lodging. So why not spend the night or two having fun at Fraser Island.

More things to do:

There are heaps more fun things to do in Australia, so why not come explore today?

By Hannah Wallace