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Toronto the provincial capital of Ontario is the largest and relatively the most modern city of Canada. It is a cosmopolitan and is one of the most diverse cities with about 49% of the population residing in Toronto were born outside of Canada. Home to more than 2.5 million people of more than 200 distinct ethnic origins makes it biggest and one of the most multicultural in North America. The city has many levels of activities which are happening on an ongoing basis and to figure out what to do while enjoying holidays in Toronto is pretty daunting. So just book low fare flights to Toronto from London and get mesmerized by its beauty, architecture, lifestyle, culture and great hospitality.

So start your journey and get ready to come across amazing things of city that will surely compel you to visit it again and again.

Casa Loma:- For history buffs , Casa Loma is an interesting site to visit. It is similar to Hearst Castle in California. Built by wealthy Toronto businessman Sir Henry Pellat in early 1990, Cas Loma represents an architectural dream of a man. Notable for its location, it is a major attraction for history buffs, museum-goers and family’s .it is a major attraction for history buffs, museum-goers and families.

Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum:- No trip to Toronto is complete without a dose of hockey. Though it is not a national game of the country but thousands of Torontoians flock to Air Canada Center to support the Toronto Maple Leaf. The museum boasts several exhibitions which make it a great place to visit with kids. So just fly to Toronto which is full of scenic sides and enjoy a fun-filled holiday over there.

Centreville Amusement Park:- Situated in the Middle Island of the Toronto Islands ,Toronto’s Centreville Amusement Park is one of the country’s leading turn-of-the -century themed amusement park where one can enjoy thrilling rides and get interesting lessons in the history of Canadian life is a great place for a family day out.

Toronto Zoo:- It is one of Canada’s largest zoo that provides shelter to thousands of animals and birds from different species. Visiting this zoo is pure fun as the place has restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy scrumptious meals as well.

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