Now Available - The Power Loom

For The Low Price of £100.00

From The Genius Creators Of Edmund Looms inc.

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Ideal for Factory Owners!

How The Power Loom Works

Instead off being controlled by physically by the weaver, it now works mechanically. Your textile production will increase tremendously!

"The power looms are great for my factory! Lots of textiles made with little effort, how amazing!"

History On The Creator

I, Edmund Cartwright was born in Nottinghamshire, England on April 24, 143. Before I created the Power Loom in 1785, my main profession was a Clergyman. I created the power loom to increase production of textiles.

The Power Loom Can Help Solve The Problems Of Unskilled Factory Workers, They Can Now Weave Like A Pro!

Edmund Looms Inc.

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"Better Results, Less Effort Needed!"