Kitô Vua Hội Đồng Huynh Trưởng

April 2017


Đoàn Trưởng - Tr. Tân

  • In the last couple of HDHT meeting and HT adoration that we prep, we have a very low number of participants. We put in a lot of effort to plan and want everyone to be with God... I know that during this time of the year, we have low morale... maybe next year we could do once every 2 months. We will consider something like that for next year.
  • Servant Leadership Conference - We teach this when we go to Cap 3 camp and a little in Cap 2. I think this is a great event to go to know what it is about. We will cover 50% of the cost if you are going. Just simply snap a picture of your receipt and send it to us.

Đoàn Phó Quản Trị - Tr. Thảo

Huynh Trưởng/Trợ Tá Camp

  • When // At? June 30-July 2 @ Sly Park (approx. 1 hour drive)

  • Register at

  • Sa Mạc Trưởng : Tr. Thảo

  • Sa Mạc Phó : Tr. Tân

  • Tổng Trực : Tr. Viên

  • Theme: Joy (Jesus Others and Yourself)


  • Anh Tùng (Trợ Tá) is our next Ca Đoàn Trưởng with the help of Tr. Rose.
  • We are still accepting volunteer for the Eucharisitic Minister and Prayer of the Faithful.

Đại Hội Nghĩa Hiệp

  • I need help in certain Ban. If you are going to DHNH, come help me. We also have dance practice at 2:30-5:30 with Tr. Lana.

Phó Nghiên Huấn - Tr. Viên

S​a ​M​ạc Huấn Luyện Huynh Trưởng Cấp I & Cấp II Thiếu​​

  • When: Thursday-Sunday, July 13-​16​ @ ​San Lorenzo Park, King City

  • ​Camp fee​: $100 (100% reimbursement if register by May 13)​

  • For more info, please contact Tr. Viên at​

  • Cap 1 - need to be 18 and older. Cap 2 - need Cap 1 certificate. Fill out Đơn Cam Kết and give me your name and other personal information.

  • Q: What is the purpose of going to Cap 2? A: To specialize in that specific ngành.

Cut Khăn Quàng - Come to help us cut next week instead of waiting until next year.

Đoàn Camp 2017

Penny War

  • Lead: Tr. Vina
  • We raised 530 dollars. 1st place is Ấu Nhi. 2nd place is Nghĩa Sĩ. 3rd place is Thiếu Nhi. 4th place is Hiệp Sĩ. 5th place is HT.

Trợ Tá Tùng is working with Cha to offer các em healthier food option for next school year. If you have any suggesstions or opinions, submit them to Tr. Tân.

Happy Birthday!


  • 5 – Tr. Kevin Hồng

  • 10 – Tr. Anthony Lê

  • 24 – Tr. Toàn Phan

  • 28 – Tr. Trinh Nguyễn


  • 12 – Tr. Johnson Nguyễn

  • 18 – Tr. Larry Nguyễn

Upcoming Events

May 7 – Chào Cờ

May 13-14 – HT Mother’s Day Flower Sales

- Saturday – If you know how to do flower arrangement, plesae come out to help.

May 27-29 – Đại Hội Nghĩa Hiệp

May 28 – Confirmation Mass @ 12pm

June 3 – First Holy Communion Mass @ 5:30pm

June 4 – Last Day / HT/TT end-of-year celebration

June 30-July 2 HT/TT Camp @ Sly Park

July 13-16 Sa Mạc Cấp 1/Cấp 2 Training

August 11-13 Đoàn Camp 2017 @ Gibson Ranch

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Kitô Vua Sacramento

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