Do we have anything left to fight 4

Please forgive me

Second Chance

I'm asking for another chance, a chance to show you that I would never do those things you believe I have done. I admit my wrong but I love you too much to let you go without fighting. You have two choices either say yes you will give us another try or no you will not. I pray that you can look back over our time together and realize how real it was and how real it still can be. I was never pretending with you, every concern, every worry, everything I expressed was all of me, all the time. I put this together today with no regard for how it may make me look , how many people you may show, or even how foolish it may seem. I did it because no one else matters right now and I am putting my self out there doing whatever it takes to make you stay. At this point I have nothing to lose, I already lost it. I'm not at work today so you can call/text/reply when ever you decide. I appreciate the time. I love you.