.....smore of what we did this week

Bright B and Diversity

Hello proud preK parents. We met our newest letter buddy this week. We brainstormed over 60 B vocabulary words. We read and spelled them on white boards with magnet letters too. We practiced letter recognition and phonics with sight word sliders. We practiced handwriting in our phonics books, journals and on our own. In math, we continued to do #numbertalks. Mrs. Capotrio came to visit us and video taped one of our lessons. We practice number recognition, sequencing, simple addition and skip counting during #numbertalks. We also practiced sequencing and number writings on Dinosaur stampings. We hung them in our classroom for ALL to see, #HOORAYFORPREK!!! In social studies, we have been talking about diversity. We experimented with blindfolds and ear muffs. We talked about how everyone is different. We talked about and modeled appropriate behaviors. We wrote stories about how we are different. We hung them in the hallway for ALL to see. We got caring paw prints for good behavior. WE got star student awards too. Thanks for a GREAT week of learning, fun, and hard work!!!!!

SCHOOL will be CLOSED Monday the 18th to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

......Smore of what we are up to next wee

We will learn about Martin Luther King Jr.. We will meet a new letter buddy. We will continue to do #numbertalks, sequencing, counting, and number writings. We will practice, discuss and write about diversity. THANKS for ALL you do. If you have questions please ask. Have a great long weekend and be safe!!!! Mr. Alaxson & Ms. Robyn