East Side Elementary

Mid-Year Report (12/2013)


13,195 library books have been circulated since the beginning of school. That averages to a 3% increase from last school year during the first semester.

Of the 13,195 books circulated, 8,632 books were fiction and 4,514 were nonfiction with the 700s (Arts & Recreation) circulating the most.

An average of 46 students visit the library daily with library passes. An average of six classes visit the library daily for library and technology lessons.

What have we learned this semester?

This school year we have engaged in lessons on genres, classic literature, digital stories, story elements, and learning more about using technology to increase learning. Older students engaged in several research lessons including inquiry based research. We also completed an author study of Peter Reynolds where every student made a dot just like his book The Dot.

Web 2.0 Book Reports

Click of the links below to view a few of the student created Web 2.0 book reports by Kalvin B. and Civin D.