There is another way!

School can be fun.

How can School be fun?

School can be fun because you have the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Your favourite game to play may be basketball but to play basketball you need the right equipment and lots of people you might not have a equipment or enough players at school you have the equipment and enough people to play with you.

Is school boring?

School is not boring we all do fun stuff that is part of learning but we just don't know it for example sport you might like running around and art is fun and that is part of learning because you might want to be an artist.

Lifetime job/career.

Learning is part of our future if your good at maths you will have more job opportunities in the future, but there is other stuff if you want to be an artist you do art at school and that will help you reach your goal. Say you where to be an athlete you still need to keep fit and healthy at school we keep fit and healthy.