Kindergarten Happenings

October 2, 2015

Welcome to Kindergarten

Look at what we've worked on since school started:

  • With Fundations, we have learned the letter, letter sound, and formation for B, F, I, M, N, T, U.
  • In reading, we have learned how even if we can't read the words yet, we can still go on adventures in our minds and learn something new! We learned about listening center, writing center, poetry center, and ABC center and this past week we finally had everyone in them at once!
  • In writing, we learned how to put our ideas on paper and try to start getting the first sounds in words to label the picture.
  • In math, we learned that you can sort by color, shape, size, and kind. We also started working with numbers 0-5. We learned that numbers can be made of 2 parts. For example, 3 could be 2 and 1 or 3 and 0. We also started working in independent centers this past week in math too!

If you did not turn in your homework today, please send it on Monday!

Text Talks and Vocabulary

We read books to help us think and learn! Some books we study more than others and use them to learn new vocabulary words. Here are the books and words we've discussed so far! Ask your child to show or tell you what the words mean!

Lily's Purple Plastic Purse - private, amused, disturb, difficult

Chrysanthemum - envious, scarce, dreadful, wilted

Geraldine's Blanket - cross, frayed, insist, trim, talk in whispers

Owen - essential, snip, ratty

Peter's Chair - stretch, arrange, make believe, mutter, cradle, rascal

Sight Words

We got our first 2 sight words this week! These are words that they will see often in books and may or may not be words that follow conventional spelling. Please review them with your child when you can! The quicker they know them, the more they can focus on other new words when they read and write.

I, can

Independence During Arrival

Be sure to allow your kindergartener to unpack their own backpack, put their folder and lunchbox away, and make it to their seat for morning activities as independently as possible. The morning is a time for our classes to connect with each other and the teacher before we begin our day.

Unfortunately, this is not the best time to have an extended conversation with your child's teacher. If you need to relay a quick dismissal change or something that will likely affect your child's day at school, we'd love to hear it. Otherwise, please schedule a conference at a later time.

What We Will Discuss in October

  • Changing seasons
  • Apples
  • Pumpkins
  • Halloween

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • Sat, Oct 10 - Walk for Education. 2pm at McCorkle Place with the giant carnival beginning as soon as you can walk to Lincoln Center!
  • Thurs, Oct 15 - Delayed Opening. Doors will open at 9:25am.
  • Mon, Oct 26 - Teacher Workday. No school for students.
  • Fri, Oct 30 - Fall Make Up picture Day - If needed we will make sure your child goes to get their picture taken before we go on the field trip.
  • Fri, Oct 30 - Field Trip to Maple View Agricultural Center. You will receive more information very soon! We would love to have some chaperones for this field trip!

The MES Kindergarten Team

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