The Fastest Land Animal

Alana K p-7

The Fastest Land Animal

Cheetahs have spots for camoflage so their prey wont see them.Cheetahs use their speed to get away from lions and to get their prey.

Cheetahs sometime go for the baby animals because they are more easier to catch then the adults.Cheetahs do not like lions because the lions try to eat the baby cheetahs and they also eat the cheetahs kill.

The reason why cheetahs have such big eyes is to focus on what kill they want and to see more better. Cheetahs have one black line on each side of there face and that's what keeps the sun out there eyes when they are trying to catch a meal.

Cheetahs make a weird sound when there babies are missing or they need help trying to catch there prey.


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