Tiong Bahru Housing Estate

What makes Tiong Bahru an inclusive housing estate ?

Interview responses

Interview questions

1) How long have you been in Tiong Bahru?

2) Average housing price in Tiong Bahru?

3) Facilities that help you in your daily nessecities?

4) Things that remind you of Tiong Bahru?

5) Why did you choose to live in Tiong Bahru?

Interviewee 1

1) 20++

2) $700 000++

3) Transportation is very good.

4) Old friends

5) From marriage stay until now.

Interviewee 2

1) Since I was born till now

2) 20K (1973)

900K (NOW)

3) Playground and walkway area

4) Heritage

5) From childhood

Interviewee 3(not a resident of Tiong Bahru)

1) How do you find the place? (Its's lively)

2) How many years have you been coming? (Many years already)

3) Where do you live? (Bukit Timah)

4) What are the facilities? (She can get everything in Tiong Bahru)

5) Will you decide to move here in the future? (Maybe stay here later on)

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