Got Education?

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Every child has the right to an education, both boys and girls. A whole 130 million children don't have access to education, of that 130 million, 104 million children age 5 to 12 don't attend school. Those years are a child's most crucial years to learn.

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Girls are more than 70 percent of 125 million children who don't have a school to attend.

Girls who are educated marry later in life, have healthier children, and can have work opportunities beyond the home.

246 million children are child laborers and is one of the main reasons for not attending school.
Parents, your child has the right to an education and to grow up with an abundance of knowledge. Why increase the number of children lacking education when you can easily increase the number of children gaining education?

You can help make a difference to children in India by clicking on the link above. A little donation can go a long way for a child's schooling.