Time Capsule of America

By Bailey Collins

The 70's

Political- The US pulls out of Vietnam- the US and Vietnam signed a peace treaty.

Economic- The Love Canal in New York declared federal disaster- a neighborhood which held the disposal of 22,000 barrels of toxic waste and contaminated many families, leaving the neighborhood demolished.

Cultural- The Beatles split up; personally involved in financial and legal conflicts- became as much as a legend as the band itself, conflicts arise from different artistic visions from the members as well.

Global- Nuclear accident at Three Mile Island- mechanical problems caused nuclear reactant coolant.

The 80's

Political- The US rescue attempt to save hostages in Tehran fails- helicopters with military men going to rescue the hostages collided with each other killing 8 servicemen.

Economic- The stock market crashes on Black Monday- began in Hong Kong, then throughout Europe and eventually reaching the US.

Cultural- The Internet is launched- Internet began with the satellite launched by the Soviet Union, Eisenhower created the ARPA, which dealt with computer science eventually leading to the Internet.

Global- AIDS recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- a sexual disease originally spread by monkeys who carried SIV and crossed species somehow with humans.

The 90's

Political- The passage of the 27th Amendment- prohibits any law that increases/ decreases the salary of Congress members from taking effect until the start of the next set of terms of office for Representatives.

Economic- NAFTA started- (North America Free Trade Agreement) signed by Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Cultural- Combat roles open for women in the US military; The World Trade Center is bombed- US military lifted all gender- restrictions. A series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Al-Qaeda terrorist group, considered a suicide bombing mission.

Global- The Hubble Space Station and Hubble space telescope launched- largest and most versatile telescope launched, expanded researchers knowledge of space.

The 2000's

Political- George Bush and Barack Obama become presidents during this time period- Obama being the first black president of the United States.

Economic- The oil prices hit a record high- One barrel of oil cost around $139, the economy lost 49,000 jobs.

Cultural- Facebook and YouTube are launched- (Facebook)Originally only allowed Harvard students to join but then expanded. (YouTube) Early headquarters were above a restaurant in Cali. Let's you upload videos.

Global- Water is discovered on the moon- "lunar water" (water ice), liquid water cannot be present on the moons surface but it is cold enough in its craters to have solid ice. Water molecules were also detected in the moons atmosphere.