Dead Girls Don't Write Letters

Kashiya Floyd

Brief Summary

Sunny lives with her mom who can barley function on her own, her dad is a drunk, and news pass around that her sister died in a fire. A few weeks later she got a note that her sister was still alive. "Jazz" comes home and nothing about her is the same.

List of Characters

  • Jazz Reynolds
  • Sunny Reynolds
  • Lilly Reynolds
  • Dan Reynolds

Character Analysis for Jazz

Trait 1: Her hair is Dark and Straight with bangs

Evidence: "Her hair was dark and straight like Jazz"

Trait 2: Pretty

Evidence: "Jazz was pretty; this girl was stunning."

Quote from or about character:


Always trust your instinct.

Important Event (briefly summarize)

A fire at Jazz apartment, everyone "supposedly" died but Jazz wrote a letter saying she wasn't there at the time.


Anyone who likes mystery