Strough Library News

September 2015

Welcome Back!

Happy new school year everyone! Here is some library news for the beginning of the year.


  • Sept. 8 and 9 - library closed to all students; this includes book checkout

  • Sept. 10 - 8th graders may start coming to library for study hall or lunch; book checkout open to all

  • Sept. 21-25 - Book Fair; library closed to traditional study halls; students may visit fair with agenda book pass from SH teacher; book checkout still open

  • Sept. 28 - study halls resume; 7th graders may begin using library for study hall or lunch

  • Between the 10th and the 18th we will be seeing all 7th graders for library orientation.

Be on the lookout...

In the next few weeks you will find the following information in your mailboxes/inboxes:
  • Database password sheet
  • Description and list of databases we subscribe to
  • List of new non-fiction and professional books received over the summer
  • Magazine list
  • New teachers will receive a folder with library information and procedures
  • Book Fair Info!

Teachers: What services can the library offer you?

As a certified library media specialist, Kat Deming can:

  • Compile resource lists of websites, research databases, and books for your class assignments
  • Talk about books, reading, resources and research with your students
  • Develop collaborative units with teachers to integrate technology and research into lessons
  • Co-Teach a lesson/unit (in your classroom or the library)
  • Assist students and staff with research
  • Teach web programs and tools to you or your students
  • Obtain videos, books or other materials
  • Design tutorials and lessons
  • Help in any other way!

Brought to you by

Kat Deming, your Library Media Specialist
Emily Favata, your Library Assistant