Acrylic prints on 1/4 inch acrylic

acrylic prints

We have always had the ability to have acrylic prints done on 1/4 ” acrylic but decided against it because our 1/8 sintra and 1/8 acrylic creates a total thickness off 1/4 “.

I always lean towards telling customers that the 1/8 Sintra protects the back of the acrylic from careless handling and from the light in back. The sintra also removes any chance from seeing the float option though the acrylic. There still is a remote chance of seeing the hanging option through the acrylic even though we now use black ink in back of the acrylic.

Now with this being said we will be offering in a few weeks time 1/4 ” inch thick acrylic without sintra. We will use black ink in back of the Acrylic so that you can not see the float black in back.

Another special feature with these acrylic is that you can have the edges polished. If you choose this option there will be a 2″ space on all sides of clear acrylic. The 1/4 ” acrylic would look best in the standoff and float options. You can have your image all the way to the end but the edges of the acrylic will be rough. Some people like a rough edged side view but some people don’t. Just look at our sample photos and videos and make sure you like that style. If you choose the 1/4 ” acrylic without sintra light can shine through from the back.

As mentioned earlier there is no need to order the sintra option when you create your 1/4 ” acrylic. The black ink for the most part will hide the hanging option in back.

However you choose to create your acrylic prints feel free to call or email for advice about the options you have chosen. We are passionate about creating Acrylic prints that you can be proud of.