Chaos Theory Tagline Poster

By: Shradha, Faith, and Yohanna

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Universal Truth/Tagline

Every decision you make, affects something else, which affects something else; leaving you with a big domino effect.

Responses and Tagline Idea Process

The chaos theory is represented in "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury, through the character Eckel. When it hits him that the decision, the change he had made had affected his future. Although it started out with a small change, that soon affects and causes something else, which then causes something else, and so on. The one initial change caused everything that happened afterward. The story is sending us a message that even just one mistake that seems unimportant, can affect us in the long run through a chain of events, or may I say a domino affect. For example, the chaos theory relates to us, because one time we ate to much junk food. Then because we had to much junk food we got a stomach ache. Then since we got a stomach ache we started throwing up. Since we were throwing up we couldn't go to school. Since we couldn't go to school, were behind the rest of our peers. We have seen the chaos theory when someone is unprepared for something. This makes them not know what to do or say. This results in a negative impression on them and their work ethic. This relates to the story, because after Eckel stepped on the butterfly there was a chain of events that eventually led to a major event. We came up with our tagline because the chain of events that occur is like a domino effect, where one event causes the next, which causes the next, and so on.