Come to Athens

If you come to Athens, you will for sure enjoy your stay.

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What the City and Government is Like

Athens is a walled city near the sea. We will provide you protection from the enemies and you will always have water to drink. Athens government is a democracy. Every citizen could take part in the city's government.

Enjoying Your Trip

When you come to Athens, you will see teachers teaching boys reading, writing, arithmetic, and literature. Instead of seeing girls at home, you will see them at home helping their mothers. They were taught to cook, clean, spin thread, and weave cloth.

Our Trades and Food

Trade and Food

Unlike the Sparta, Athens encouraged trade and they have food. They traded honey, olive oil, silver, beautifully painted pottery,etc. They had lettuce, onions, olive oil, etc to eat. We used coins to make trade easier.

Economy and Education

Their economy is based on trade. They believed that you should both

have an intelligent mind and a healthy body. Girls helped their mothers

with household tasks.

Treatment of Women and Slaves

Some women sold goods in the market and a few very important women were priestesses. Women spent their days raising children and doing household chores.
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A group called the Council of 500 met every day. They suggested new laws and ran daily business of government.

Athens Contact Info

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