Preschool Weekly Newsletter

May 9th - 13th

Last Week...

We learned about the letter Z! We are so excited to be all done learning the alphabet! Our last week of Fairy Tales was fun as we read Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rumplestiltskin and the Princess and the Pea. Your student learned that different cultures have different versions of fairy tales and made fun crafts with each tale. We also studied different fables. Your student learned the differences between fairy tales and fables. Fables are short stories with morals while fairy tales are made up and include magic. In math we reviewed teen numbers. We are so ready for Kindergarten!

Next Week...

This week is a short week with only four days. There will be no school on Friday. Next week we will be doing Preschool Camp! We will be celebrating each day with a new camping theme. There will be Watermelon Day, Ice Cream Day, Insect Day and Dinosaur Day! Each day we will do activities related to the theme, sit around our "campfire" and discuss our favorite preschool memories. Some fun activities for the week are watermelon play dough, ice cream art and bug fossils!

Upcoming Events:

May 27th - Bad Weather Makeup Day

May 30th - Memorial Day - No School

June 1st - End of the Year Party

June 2nd - Last Day of School - Releasing at 12:30


- On June 2nd Preschool will be releasing at 12:30 while K - 4th will be releasing at 11:55.

- Please do not pull around during car pickup and drop off. We have students who are put in and taken out on both sides. Please help us keep our students and staff safe by not pulling around.

- We begin taking tardies at 8:00. Please have your child here regularly before 8.

- Rockenbaugh Elementary is setting up a designated seating area for lunch visitors to better align with district safety and security protocols. Authorized visitors who have checked in at the office are still welcome to sit and eat with their child in the special seating area designated in the lunch room. This follows district standard operating procedures at other campuses and helps our staff ensure effective management of other students in the lunchroom. Also, we have a significant number of students with serious food allergies. It is important that food not be shared with students other than your own child.

Ways To Help Your Child At Home:

We have several skills we are working on and if you would like you can practice these at home!

Letters and Sounds: You can play I Spy on your way to and from school. Take turns finding something that begins with a letter sound. For example, "I spy with my little eye something that starts with the s sound." Then your child could tell you they spy the stop sign or the sky.

Fine Motor: Have your child roll Play-Doh and use old scissors to cut the Play-Doh up.

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