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What's In Your Water?

5 negative human actions

Oil spills

Dog poop

Over fishing


fertilizer runs off into pond

Ways to counteract these negative human actions

Be more careful with oil rigs and watch them

Pick up your dogs poop

Do less fishing

Pick up trash or recycle

Put less fertilizer


Oil spills can have a big effect on the ocean by killing the animals and the plant life.

dog poop can affect the ground water by the poop sitting for a long time and the it goes in the ground and ruins the water.

Over fishing is a big thing because when the people bring up the nets there are a lot of fish in those nets. Also the more we fish the more the population goes down.

Waste dumps its a big thing like pee,poop, and even throw up to it goes down a drain and into the ocean and that can pollute the water and hurt the animals.

Pollution is the biggest thing because it is every where it can kill animals, go into the ocean and kill the animals to it makes the parks, streets ,and neighborhood look bad it can go into the ground as well.