8th Grade Wolverine Weekly

STEAM Middle School

Campus News

Mrs. Morgan would like to invite all students who are in good academic standing to come to the Makerspace at STEAM! We have some new items to try out including Google Cardboard, Sphero, LaQ blocks, and more!

STEAM Talent Show!!

Friday, May 6th, 6:30pm

100 Elk Drive

Burleson, TX

We are having a Talent Show fundraiser ($1 tickets can be bought this week or at the door) along with our art show at BHS 6:30-7.

Please come support our students who are both performing in the talent show and having their work displayed!

STEAM & PreAP Science

  • We are continuing our science STAAR intervention plan. All of the science teachers are available during ALL of the STEAM U/Academic Lab times to work with students on science STAAR content.
  • Students will be expected to continue our periodic table and formula chart challenge this week. Please view the videos below to watch how to fill out a formula chart and periodic table.
  • Science STAAR test is on May 11! The students have been doing a great job of working hard to prepare for this test. Keep up the good work! :)
Hacking the 8th Grade Science STAAR test - Periodic Table Brain Dump 1/2
Hacking the 8th Grade Science STAAR test - Formula Chart Brain Dump 2/2


This week the students will explore slope and rate of change. We will first explore this concept on a CBR, Calculator Based Ranger, (a motion detector that graphs on our calculators). The rest of the week we will apply slope to various problem solving situations.


Monday the students took the Algebra I STAAR EOC. The students worked very hard and we are very proud of their effort!

The rest of this week we will explore the CBR, Calculator Based Ranger, (a motion detector that we will use as a data collection device). The students will be able to relate the data to various graphs. Then we will start working on more problem solving strategies they will use next year in Geometry.

STEAM and PreAP English Language Arts

I will not be in the classroom this week, however I am on campus. If students need me I am in room A115 tutoring individual students.

Assignments this week:

  • Do 2 activities in Achieve3000. If you did not do your 2 from last week, then you have double to do.

  • There are a few students that did not bring a t-shirt for the book project and they received a zero for the assignment. Students need to talk to me about an alternative assignment.

  • Please check grades in Skyward.

Mrs. Nancy Taylor

8th Grade STEAM and PreAP English Language Arts

STEAM and PreAP US History

We will continue into this week with the


In these final days preparing for the STAAR each class period is dedicated to a 90 minute BOOSTER SESSION designed to both REVIEW and ENGAGE students once again with the TEKS and story of US History. Please encourage your student to make the most of these final prepping days.

This week’s BOOSTER topics include:



Wednesday-The Age of Jackson

Thursday-The Industrial Revolution

Friday-The Civil War and Reconstruction

Extra Tutorial Sessions:


Mon-Thurs 4:10-4:45

Workbooks and other materials are available by request.

Mrs. Danielle Stanley

8th Grade STEAM and PreAP U.S. History


This week we are diving into the pop art “Selfie” project.

  • Monday - finish segment on Andy Warhol, pick selfie and edit it.

  • Tuesday - Grid selfie and paper.

  • Wednesday-Thursday - Begin drawing selfie on paper.

  • Friday - Start study on Roy Lichtenstein and begin painting

Also, each day during warm-up we will be focusing on drawing correct proportions of the parts of the face.

If students wish they may bring a smock to wear when we paint starting Friday.

Talent show is this Friday at BHS! All art students will have work shown in the auditorium foyer. Come by and see all we have done this year!


Students have been applying energy ideas to paintings and digital artworks. We have projects going from emotional all the way to mechanical energy. Your children are so creative! This week they will be finishing their work, mounting and tagging art for our art show and sharing their work with their peers for feedback and critique.

May 6th is our biggest event of the year. We are having a Talent Show fundraiser ($1 tickets can be bought this week or at the door) along with our art show at BHS 6:30-7. Every student should have at least one work shown. If students can come view the art (free) and give feedback on post-its, then they can get additional helpful grade. (There will be no penalty for not coming will be given).

Mrs. Kimberly Bishop



We are focused on Spanish grammar lessons this week. Irregular “yo” conjugations in context, the uses of “ser” and “estar” (verb to be) in the Spanish language.

  • Monday- review

  • Tuesday- verb “gustarse” with the use of the reflexive pronouns, me, te, se, nos, os, se.

  • Wednesday- review before the test

  • Thursday- Test over “ser” and “estar” and irregular “yo.” (¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo !)

  • Friday- Friday Spanish and other activities.

Bell works, in-class activities every day. No homework.

Gateway to Technology (GTT)

Students will be completing their Roller Coaster Mania project during class this week.

Mrs. Mandi Nelson

Gateways to Technology (GTT)

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Tech (AAVTC)

Cardboard Chair Design:

The student will be able to:

  • Design a successful human supporting device

  • Work in a team based environment

  • Construct the supporting device in a restricted time period

  • Show respect for a quality product through construction

  • Demonstrate its ability to function in a real world situation

  • Assess the effectiveness of the solution

Before final construction you must submit the following for instructor approval:

  • Sketches

  • Rapid prototypes

  • A ¼ scale prototype

  • All the chair parts must be made from the cardboard provided by the teacher.

  • You may only use no more than three sheets of cardboard to make all parts of your final chair.

  • The chair must be the color of the cardboard. No color may be added.

  • No adhesives, tape or non‐cardboard “connectors” of any type may be used to make or assemble your chair.

  • The chair must have “back” for sitter to rest against.

  • The chair must support a person of at least 150 pounds in normal classroom use for 30 minutes

Tools, Materials, and Equipment (Instructor Provided)

  • Cardboard

  • Utility knife

  • Rulers

  • Scissors

  • Manila folders

Mr. Wayne Thames

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Tech (AAVTC)