Education Timeline

(1800's) - Makayla Bustos 1st period

Early Events

1801 - James Pillans invents the modern blackboard

1817 - The Connecticut Asylum at Hartford for the Instruction of Deaf and Dumb persons opens

1821 - The first public high school opens (Boston English High School)

1823 - Catherine Beecher found the Hartford Female Seminary (Private school)

1827 - Massachusetts passes a law requiring towns of more than 500 families to have a public high school that is opened to all students

Later Events

1829 - The first school opened for children with visual disabilities (The New England Asylum for the Blind)

1837 - Horace Mann becomes secretary of the State Board of Education

1837 - Mount Holyoke Female Seminary opens , was the first college for women in the U.S

1839 - The first state funded school specifically for teacher education (Lexingtion , Massachusetts)

1849 - Elizabeth Blackwell is the first women to graduate from medical school