Social Media in your Job Search

Cameron Hagelauer

Let People Know you are Looking

  • Let all your online friends and followers know you are looking for a job

  • Friends will think of you when they hear of opportunity

  • First to learn of new opportunities

Network on Facebook

  • Powerful network

  • Your friends want you to succeed

Potential Employers

  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to gather information about potential employers

  • Use information you gather to customize cover letter

Hyperlink your Resume

  • Add the URL for your Twitter and Linkedin account on your resume

  • Offers employers another way to get in touch with you

  • Also shows you utilize social media

Seek Out Job Search Advice

  • Social media is a great place to find advice on job hunting

  • Join Linkedin that focus on job search

  • Sign up for notifications

Profile Page

  • Create social profile that reflects your career focus

  • Show others how you want them to see you

  • Include strengths and accomplishments


  • Increased postings of internships and jobs

  • Social media is a great resource