Osteocyte Cells

Skeletal Cell


Osteocyte cells help form bone for support, protection, and movement. They also guide the bone repair and it's remodeling and regulate mineral production.

Osteocyte Organelles

Endoplasmic Reticulum: Creates proteins and produces fats, steroids, and hormones. Without it, the osteocyte wouldn't have the proteins necessary for repairing bone or remodeling.

Mitochondria: Gives energy to the osteocyte so it can repair bone and continue remodeling and regulating mineral production.Without it, the osteocyte wouldn't have the enery necessary for all of its functions. It would basically be a dormant cell.

Cytoskeleton: The cytoskeleton is made up of microfilaments, microtubules, and intermediate filaments. These aid in forming the shape and supporting the cell. The cytoskeleton is important because it makes up the osteocytes which come together to form bones that need to be structurally strong.

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Type of Tissue Made

The type of tissue made by osteocytes is bone tissue.
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Organ Bone Tissue Makes Up

Osteocytes make up bone tissue, bone tissue makes up bone or bone parts. Bone tissue is a type of connective tissue. The osteocytes help form bone tissue and keep it healthy so that the bone tissue can form bones to help support our body. If the osteocytes didn't do their jobs, we wouldn't have the needed amount of support from our bones.
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