There is perfect land to have a nice, wooden home in the quiet forest, but not for soil. Once you get to the coast, you can catch the biggest fish, whales and other delicious sea food. There is so much forest land, making that perfect wooden home is quite easy! There is a vast variety of animals, so making the warm, comfy and fuzzy fur blanket and getting some deer meat may be why you should move here.


There are plenty of job opportunities like whale hunting and farming. Whales can supply for your oil lamps and other things. The Native Americans have taught us so many agriculture techniques that you can grow Indian corn, pumpkins, squash and beans! Other jobs include hunting wild turkey and deer. If you plan to stay in the city, you can work for the shipbuilding centers. Near the ocean of the east coast you can fish for cod and halibut and sell them. So no matter where you live you can find a jobs.

Political System

A governor directs New England and enforces the laws. The government is legislative which has a upper class and a lower class. The upper class is made up of advisers appointed by the governors. The lower class was an elected assembly. It approves laws and protects the rights of citizens. Any governor who ignored the assembly risked losing his salary. The laws restricts the white Christian men over the age of 21 have the right to vote.


The religion practiced here is Puritanism. We are a Protestant, Christians who have a few different changes than the Anglican Church. If you are white, Christian and 21 and over, then you have the right to vote. In some areas of the colony, you have the freedom of religion. Unfortunately, in most parts of this region, you must be protestant and follow the laws,

Daily Life/Kids

Everyone was well educated. Parents have to teach the children to read and understand the principles of religion. All towns with 50 and more families would have to hire a school teacher. Towns with 100 and more families set up grammar schools to prepare boys for college. Massachusetts already set up the first public school for rich and for poor citizens. The first school has only one room for all ages. Parents pay teachers by supplying them with food. Children are expected to bring wood to put in the big stove, to keep the room warm. If you forgot, then you sat in the coldest spot in the room.


There is no slavery. Africans and Native Americans have almost no rights, but they are treated very well. There is not as much of them as there is in the southern colonies. Most of these slaves became indentured servants and if they proved to be worthy, soon they can "upgrade" into the middle class.