Holy Roman Empire

By: Makayla Mabra and Kacie Howard

Summary of Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire was an alliance of smaller kingdoms in Western Europe between AD 962 and 1806. There were no official emperors, but Germanic kings ruled their homelands. During the 4th century, Christianity became the official religion. In AD 1506, the Eastern Orthodox seperated from the Western church. It became official in 962 AD when King Otto was crowned emperor. Civil authority and church authority clashed at times, but the church usually won. Later in the empire, many people became uneasy with the dominance. This began the decline of the empire.

Essential Questions

How did the challenges people faced after the collapse of the empire affect daily life?

  • They had to work extra hard to survive and feed their families and protection was a concern because invasions were a constant concern

How did agricultural advances revolutionize the Holy Roman Empire?

  • it led to a population boost and food increase which opened employment for craftsmen in town