Mrs. McPherson's Pre-K Class

Lesson Planning

Theme: All About Me

Instruction will include whole group, small group, one-to-one, and self-directed learning along with many opportunities for exploration with hands-on activities and group play.

Example Lesson

Mrs. McPherson’s Pre-K Lesson Plan

Month: September


Morning Meeting:

Welcome/Preview and/or Intro of the day/Calendar/Weather

Circle Time:



All about me songs, nursery rhymes, etc.

Finger Play:

Finger Puppets used with rhyming

Language Activities:

⦁ All About Me booklets

⦁ Cookie Jar Rhyme Activity with each student’s name

⦁ Read a story and discuss names of Characters ad how many letters are in each

Art Projects:

⦁ Name Bracelets, necklaces

⦁ I can draw booklet

⦁ Handprints crafts


⦁ Graphing with number of letters in each students names

⦁ Counting feet, hands, eyes, ears, etc.

⦁ Sorting colors with manipulatives/making patterns/tracing numbers with favorite colors

⦁ Computer games


⦁ Fingerprint study with magnify glass

⦁ Nutrition: Our favorite foods

⦁ Using the senses to examine the world around us