Mohatma Gandhi

Made India Independent from Britain

  • Mohatma Gandhi was born in 1869
  • Gandhi in 1948 by gunshot by a Hindu fundamentalist. He lived to be 79.
  • In 1960 Gandhi led the Salt March which got around 60,000 arrested including Gandhi himself.
  • India became independence in 1947 a year before his death.
  • Gandhi stressed the importance of economic independence for India.
  • Gandhi actually supported the British war effort during World War I, but remained critical of colonial authorities for measures he felt were unjust.
  • Gandhi was supposed to get the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948 but before he got it he died. That year the prize was given to no one in respect for Gandhi.
  • Gandhi's real name is Mohandas but many of his followers referred to him as Mohatmas


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