"WATER" You Doing With Your Water?

by: Ashley Harder

Introduction to my Topic: Water Use

My topic is over water use statistics. These are just some stats that I found during a period of research a little while back. Allow me to fill you in. The "Water Planet" is a name given to Earth and rightly so. There is about 1.4 billion km3 of water on the entire earth, that's 71%. The other 29% of earth is made up of continents and islands. Out of all of that water, only 35 million km3 makes up the freshwater on Earth (2.5% freshwater). The total volume of USABLE freshwater is about 200,000 km3. That's less than 1% of the freshwater that makes up the Earth. The rest is found in forms such as permafrost, permanent snow, and in underground rivers and oasis's. All of the water that does not have some concentration of salt in it is counted freshwater, so swamps, natural springs, underground rivers, lakes and groundwater, it's all fresh.

Did you know: the average American and European uses 121 gallons of water every day. Due to humans over-consuming natural resources, like water, at a pernicious rate, we're headed into some pretty hard times. About 3 1/2 earths would be needed to sustain a global population with the lifestyle of the average North American and European today.

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